About Carr Marketing Limited

CARR MARKETING LIMITED is the U.K. distributor for several leading manufacturers of humidifiers and de-humidifiers, supplying a diverse range of equipment using different primary heat sources. In essence, a one-stop shop for humidification.

The company has over 40 years of experience in supplying and maintaining humidity management systems.

Typical installations include libraries, museums, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing plants in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, electronics, photographic, food processing, IT manufacturing and data processing.

A high level of technical support is available throughout the planning, specifying, commissioning and installation processes, and systems can be tailor made to suit individual requirements. We can meet with you to discuss your project and humidification options either on site or at your business location.

We can supply the following types of humidifiers…

Gas to Steam
Steam to Steam
Electric Steam
Electrode Steam
Direct Steam Injection

Together with…

Steam Dispersion Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Softeners