We can supply the various types of humidifiers together with Steam Dispersion Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners and Water Treatment systems

Steam Injection

Steam Injection Multi-Tube Humidifier

DriSteem's Steam Injection humidifiers are available in a wide variety of sizes, having a broad capacity range and are adaptable to numerous applications when boiler steam is available locally.


Steam jacketed dispersion tubes to eliminate condensation and dripping

Stainless Steel construction provides instantaneous heat-up, minimal condensation, no cold start-up spitting and no corrosion

  • Lightweight construction – no special supports or hangers required


Fits any need, for large capacity
The Multiple-tube humidifier is designer for large ducts and air handling units. It achieves short to moderate non-wetting distances and is field piped and field assembled.

The Maxi-bank™ option is pre-assembled and includes the steam header and interconnecting piping.

Steam pressure range: 2–50 psi (14–345 kPa)
Capacity range: 2.3–1809 kg/h

Steam Injection Single-Tube Humidifier


Suitable for—but not limited to—small-capacity systems
The Single-tube humidifier features a wide range of dispersion tube lengths and is suitable for moderate to long non-wetting distances. The separator/tube assembly is pre-assembled.

Steam pressure range: 2–50 psi (14–345 kPa)
Capacity range: 0.7–238 kg/h