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Atomising Humidifiers

Atomising Humidifiers SWEDFOG LFV Nozzle System

SWEDFOG LFV Nozzle System

A low energy humidification system for space applications or ducts. Typical installations can be found in the printing industry, industrial processing of hygroscopic materials, such as wood and paper, and in electronics and plastics industry where static electrical charges are inadmissible. The SIBE SWED-FOG®LFV nozzle system can be supplied either with loose nozzles for a free layout or in modular units.

The nozzle operates on the vacuum principle (injector action), i.e. when the nozzle is supplied with compressed air, a vacuum will be generated and will open the LF-VV vacuum valve, and the correct quantity of water will then be drawn up into the nozzle.

This suction principle is a safety function, since water will be supplied to the nozzle only when compressed air is also supplied to the nozzle. This eliminates the risk of uncontrolled water flow or leakage. The compressed air thus breaks up the water into a very fine aerosol.
Since water and compressed air are not mixed until both the water and the compressed air have left the nozzle outlet, all risk of lime deposits, bacterial growth, etc. is eliminated. The system should be connected to the existing drinking water network.

  • Easy installation
  • Only water, compressed air and power supply required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel nozzles
  • Minimal maintenance required