We can supply the various types of humidifiers together with Steam Dispersion Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners and Water Treatment systems

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Pure Water R0 300
Water Treatment BO-RO

Reverse Osmosis

Natural water is never clean, but full of different substances and particles, especially dissolved salts. But many production processes, e.g. air humidification, require demineralised water.
This water quality is achieved by the reverse osmosis procedure. Simply said, reverse osmosis can be regarded as filtration. Water containing salt is pressed through a semi-pervious membrane which retains the salts. But also dirt and other particles, causative organisms, larger molecules and even ions can be retained by the membrane and returned as a concentrate to the sewage water.

We have a range of RO units to suit most applications. Contact us for more details.

Water Softeners

If you are in a hard water area, we can offer a range of water softeners suitable for most applications. You will benefit from lower humidifier maintenance costs when using softened water. Contact us for more details.