We can supply the various types of humidifiers together with Steam Dispersion Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners and Water Treatment systems

Electric Steam

Electric Steam VAPORSTREAM



Versatility and critical control
From providing comfort humidity to meeting the strictest clean-room requirements, the Vaporstream electric humidifier is an industrial-grade unit designed to meet the humidification demands of any building environment. Vaporstream models and options include multiple control capabilities, a broad capacity range, and compatibility with all water types.
Capacity range: 2.6–129 kg/h for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 2068 kg/h

  • Vapor-logic controller
  • Control to +- 1% RH
  • Zero to 100% modulating output
  • Weather cover and climate-controlled outdoor enclosure options
  • Numerous configurations and options available
  • Disperses steam through Rapid-sorb or Ultra-sorb Dispersion Systems


Electric Steam HUMIDI-TECH
Versatility for finished spaces
The Humidi-tech humidifier is a compact, cabinet-style unit compatible with all water types and numerous dispersion options.  Installation is easy: Just attach the frame to a supporting structure and connect electrical and water services.
Capacity range: 2.7–46 kg/h

  • Vapor-logic controller
  • Zero to 100% modulating output
  • Attractive enclosure – perfect for finished spaces
  • Disperses steam through ductwork or directly into a space