We can supply the various types of humidifiers together with Steam Dispersion Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners and Water Treatment systems


steam dispersion Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube system


Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube system

Single header with multiple tubes, short non-wetting distance
Rapid-sorb steam dispersion tube systems are designed for applications where multiple tubes are needed to handle the load and/or when the available non-wetting distance is limited.

Capacity: Up to 955 kg/h

  • Short non-wetting distance, compared to single dispersion tube
  • Models available in sizes from 254mm x 254mm
  • For horizontal or vertical airflows with header inside or outside duct
  • Available with High-Efficiency Dispersion Tubes

Single dispersion tube
Installation flexibility

  • Low-capacity dispersion for horizontal or vertical airflows
  • Available as a High-Efficiency Dispersion Tube

Capacity: Up to 44.1 kg/h


Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panel

The Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panel established industry standards for meeting short non-wetting requirements.

  • Guaranteed non-wetting distances
  • Lowest installation cost
  • Reduce wasted energy with High-Efficiency Tubes
  • Models available from 305 x 305 mm to 3658 x 3658 mm
  • Factory assembled for easy installation or shipped unassembled
  • Requires lee than 7kPa of pressure to disperse steam

Ultra-sorb XV
Highest performance

ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIERS Ultra-sorb dispersion tube system
  • Highest performing steam dispersion product on the market
  • Lowest heat gain
  • High-Efficiency tubes
  • Zero water waste – vaporizes generated condensate and returns pressurized condensate
  • For pressurized steam applications, 35 kPa minimum
  • Chemical-free boiler steam humidification when used with STS steam to steam humidifier

Pressurized steam: Up to 898 kg/hr
STS Humidifier: Up to 204 kg/h per panel

Ultra-sorb LV & LH
Most versatile

  • Optional High-Efficiency tubes
  • Easy Installation
  • For pressurized or nonpressurized steam applications

Pressurized steam: Up to 1815 kg/hr

STS Humidifier: Up to 840 kg/h per panel